Are You Ready for Addiction Treatment Help?

Oftentimes it’s hard to know who needs professional substance abuse treatment.

Where is the line between recreational drinking and alcohol addiction?

How can I tell if a loved one is taking more than the prescribed amount of pills?

What if I am addicted?

No matter the situation, we are here for you.
Our drug and alcohol recovery support team is here to help you achieve your sobriety goals.

Who Needs Drugs or Alcohol Treatment Help?

I Do, I Am Struggling

Is there a substance you use that you need to take essentially every day? Does it feel nearly impossible to function without it? Then you may be addicted. Discover what your options are to get help and find your way back to a life that’s not dependent on substance use.


My Spouse, My Child

Do you have a loved one who struggles with one or more substances and doesn’t seem to be getting better? YOU can start searching now for treatment on their behalf. Every day you stand by and let the situation get worse, the bigger the risk for an overdose or another tragedy.


My Client Needs Help

If you’re a professional and you have a client or patient who you know is abusing drugs or alcohol, you don’t have to wait for this individual or his or her family to start looking into rehab. You can make a professional referral to a treatment center, and we can help steer you toward the right place.


Addiction News

Keeping up with all the new information coming out about addiction, drug use, health care and treatment can be a challenge. We've made things easy by doing all the research for you, and posting the results on our informative blog.
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