The Goal of a Drug Intervention

Oftentimes, someone with an addiction can’t see how seriously their drug abuse has impacted their job, relationships and personal well-being.

When friends and family gather together with the purpose of demonstrating real concern, many people do respond and agree to go to rehab.

Interventions need to be positive and encouraging. It’s not the time to air grievances or place blame. Shaming doesn’t help and instead pushes people away, straining relationships.

Coming together in an organized way and assigning clear roles for family members can have a tremendous impact on the person struggling. This process starts at the intervention and continues during recovery.

The Right Time to Intervene

Families often grapple with the question, “When is the right time to intervene?

The truth is, there is no magical moment, no perfect time to hold an intervention.

When your child has a physical ailment, you don’t look for the perfect moment, you take them to the doctor as soon as you can. Mental health and addiction issues are ailments that require treatment.

And the sooner individuals get into rehab, the more positive the outcome.

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