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Signs You Need a Crisis Intervention

Signs you need a crisis intervention hero image: image of a hand stopping domino like blocks from falling over.

Addiction is a complex disease. For many, it is difficult to recognize the severity of their own problem. Even if one does, it is still difficult and often impossible to stop on one’s own. 


A crisis intervention involves immediate, short-term counseling when a critical event has happened. It is important for family members and friends to work together with a licensed professional to help counsel and support an individual.


When To Seek Help

Events that may lead to the need for a crisis intervention include:


  • Overdose
  • A DUI (harming oneself or others)
  • Violent actions toward oneself or others
  • A death of a loved one
  • Legal issues
  • Losing a job


Individuals who experience an overdose or DUI are clearly in need of an intervention as soon as possible. Other experiences may not be as obvious to indicate the immediate need to intervene. However, certain life events like a death of a loved one, eviction, or being fired have the potential to worsen someone’s already fragile state.


Any of the possibilities above, and many more, have the potential to trigger someone and rapidly worsen their substance abuse. If they have not already, this may lead to a higher risk of events like an overdose, DUI, or actions that harm others. 

Moving Through a Time of Crisis

If you or someone you know is experiencing events like those mentioned above it is important to seek help as soon as possible. If you are unsure if an event qualifies, it is still best to contact a licensed professional to seek help. Further, an intervention can still be helpful even if a critical event does not occur. Contact a qualified individual or team to determine the best path forward.