I Hate My Life

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Often, people use an expression like “I hate my life” as a response to discouragement or to reflect a lack of motivation.

Sometimes, however, it is an indication of a more deep-seed despair–or even a struggle with mental illness.

In situations where a person is experiencing this feeling on an ongoing basis, there may be underlying conditions–like crippling depression or debilitating anxiety–that perpetuate this mental state.

When “I Hate My Life” Becomes Life-Threatening

One of the unfortunate effects of mental disorders is that they can compel someone to unhealthy behaviors. Many addiction victims report that their primary motivation to begin using drugs or alcohol was to avoid pain.

Research suggests that more than half of those struggling with addiction also have a co-occurring mental disorder. Thus, sufferers of various forms of depression and anxiety may be inclined to seek relief from their mental duress by taking illicit drugs or abusing prescribed ones.

Victims of an addiction that started from the desire to escape the feeling of “I hate my life” often feel powerless to stop the cycle of substance abuse and depression.

These substances alone cannot provide long-term relief as the body quickly adapts to each increase in the dosage amount. There is a limit to this adaptability, however, and this is often experienced in the form of an overdose.

There is hope to be free of this cycle, however.

Help For Co-Occurring Diagnoses

It’s no secret that addiction can be difficult to break. Nevertheless, a holistic treatment approach that addresses the underlying causes of addiction makes recovery possible.

A reputable treatment center that understands the correlation between mental health and addiction can provide appropriate care to help them experience recovery for life.

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