Seychelle W. – Success Story

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Seychelle W. - Addiction Recovery Success Story - Fight Addiction Now

My name is Seychelle Islana Worth and I’m currently living in the Seychelles Islands. I was previously addicted to heroin and have now been clean since October 13, 2015, and I’m the strongest and happiest I’ve ever been. I’m now doing multiple projects in the Seychelles Islands to help people who suffer from heroin addiction. I go to the schools to educate the youth, I give motivational speeches, volunteer my time at the detox centers and am also in the process of trying to open my own aftercare center as I believe the aftermath of addiction is the most important because it’s how you stay clean and it’s how you get back into a normal healthy life routine. Nothing but love to any and all other addicts out there, stay positive!

Seychelle Worth

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