Sarah P. – Success Story

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Sarah P. - Success Story

It will be 7 months October 26, 2017. I never thought I would be able to get sober. I use to joke around for years saying I’ll get it by the time I turn 40. A week before my 40th birthday I sobered up after a 24year iv meth addiction. I was leaving on the streets hadn’t seen my kids or family in a long time. In 7 months I got a job, a car, a place to live and have become an active part in my kids lives. Some days are harder then others, some days it’s hard to shut off that little voice in my head that tells me “just one more time Sarah.” By the grace of God I have learned that just one more time will kill me and I am stronger then my addiction. And I pray sometimes 100 times a day for the strength to keep going. And im so excited to spend Christmas with my children sober for the every first time. God bless

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