Melodie – Success Story

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Melodie - Success Story

I started my new journey away from addiction 11/22/18 I’ve struggled with opiates and meth for the last 8 years. When the pills were not enough I sank to heroin and that’s where the real hell began. It took almost 8 years to get help after trying by myself and failing several times. Throwing away my family, my career, my life. I was homeless and had been in several abusive relationships at the point. Drugs will make you lose everything you ever loved or valued. After a 2 nights of heinous withdrawal off of heroin and meth I called for my family and begged God to give me another chance at life. After a stay at the local detox rehab center, I was able to find myself and be put into IOP. My life has never been better. We do we recover. Love yourself.

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