Brianna – Success Story

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Brianna - Success Story

In September 2016 I was officially arrested on the account of 92 fraudulent checks as well as a slew of other charges including possession and stolen properties. I detoxed alone from a 2-4 grams a day heroin habit I’m the solitude of a jail cell surrounded by not two souls of empathy. I was sick, but I had been freed from the fear of withdrawal and an abusive codependent relationship. I was charged with a felony, and after a few months of jail time was shipped away to my 14th, 28 day rehab. There I learned so much in so little time, I began getting a good perspective on the steps and revising my future. I then went to long term rehabilitation and went on to spend four months in a halfway house where I later became president. After a year, I got a job and was accepted into an accelerated nursing program. I continued to work until my nursing assistant license was renewed and I got one of my old jobs back. I maintained good grades and continued to work. I go to meeting, visit support groups, speak at rehabs and will be graduating my nursing program this month. I’ve graduated from the probation I’m on and continue in Outpatient. It takes some work, I have a four year old daughter who I didn’t see for two years and now I’m around permanently mind and body. I’m not the same person I was three years ago, recovery is possible.

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