Becca R. – Success Story

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January 16, 2015 I went to rehab and tried to get clean. Needless to say i relapsed 2 months after i got out. In that 2 months I managed to get my 2nd dui and sentenced to 3 months in jail. Almost exactly a year later January 18, 2016 (ten days before I turned myself in) is the day I decided enough was enough. Institution, then jail, the only thing left for me was death and I chose life. I was never actually “living” when I was using, but January 18, 2017 I celebrated a year in recovery instead of a funeral and my life has been nothing but blessings since then. I’m an assistant manager of a store, I work full time and am able to actually pay my bills. I’m a full time student at Penn State online and in 2 more years I’ll get my degree and help even more people. And it all started with 24 hours.

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