10 Daily Affirmations for Addiction Recovery

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10 Daily Affirmations for Addiction Recovery

Anyone who’s been through rehab has learned we need a heck of a lot less than we thought we needed to live. When it comes down to the bones, we can live on food, water, and shelter. Clothing is even optional.

And if we have those basic needs, we can be OK — happy even — if we’re OK with ourselves.

One way we can be OK and take care of ourselves is by using positive affirmations. It may sound cheesy and we may not even believe them at first, but like any recovery skill, the more you practice it, the more you ingrain it in your soul.

Tips for Staying Sober

Recovery takes work. The pink clouds of joy eventually drift away and reality hits us — sometimes like a dark cloud, sometimes like a dark bus.

Maintaining a successful recovery, whether in rehab in Prescott or in rehab in Colorado, demands we never forget why we chose to get sober and why we choose to remain that way.

Reading daily affirmations, creating our own positive statements (in the first person), or adopting a set of affirmations that resonate personally reminds us who we are and why we are passionate about getting that next-level sobriety coin.

Top 10 Daily Affirmations

Affirmations work well when we start our day looking in the mirror and say them out loud to ourselves. We talk to ourselves all the time in our heads. Why shouldn’t we talk to ourselves with the same loving kindness we would show a friend?

Here are some of our favorite daily affirmations with some explanative tidbits of wisdom. Drumroll, please!

Our top ten affirmations for addiction recovery are:

  1. I am loveable. Just as I am right now.

When we work down to our core issues, most of us find that our deep-seated fears revolve around feeling unlovable or feeling like failures. These are two of the most basic human fears, and triggering those fears propels us toward our addiction.

  1. I already have everything I need inside of me.

It seems to be human nature to look for something outside ourselves to make us feel better, feel that we are someone special and that we can be more. Maybe instead we should look inside ourselves and find someone special waiting there all along.

  1. I face and overcome my challenges.

Every breakdown carries an opportunity to break through. When we view challenges as opportunities to grow, optimism reminds us of the challenges we’ve already surmounted.

  1. I am courageous.

It takes courage to change. We’ve already changed a lot, and we can continue growing and changing our whole lives. Courage leads to success.

  1. I am living an extraordinary life.

Most people live mediocre lives. But we have the opportunity to live an extraordinary life…because our sobriety requires we do. Those of us in recovery are chosen to create a life so good we wouldn’t want to give it up, and we are chosen to help others who are still lost in their addiction.

Eventually, our pain dissipates and risking the loss of this beautiful life prevents us from going back to a life of using.

  1. I am mindful.

Mindfulness is linked to happiness. Letting the negative thoughts pass out of our minds and then pausing to convert them into positive thoughts reminds us that thoughts — and feelings — are transient.

  1. I am finding my authentic self and living with a purpose.

It takes strength to take off our masks and be at peace with who we really are. If we think about the strength it has taken us to get this far, we know we can stay strong even longer.

Even if some of us haven’t found our life’s calling yet, we have found things to live for and we are living determinedly, purposing to do the right thing.

  1. I am proud of myself.

We have already mastered some emotional sobriety skills, and we need to praise ourselves daily for it. Our Higher Power is proud of us.

  1. I am successful.

We have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to get where we are today. We are OK just as we are right now. Addiction doesn’t mean we are bad or worthless people – quite the contrary: It means we have an unrelenting disease that we are fighting tooth and nail.

  1. I am a miracle.

Some of us have looked death in the eye and been brought back to life. Some of us have survived the unthinkable. And some of us have escaped before our lives imploded. No matter what, we are all created wondrously.

Tips for Addiction Recovery

Using affirmations for addiction recovery helps us hold onto positive beliefs about ourselves.

Problems drive you to ask for help…

Pain drives you to change…

The enjoyment of life keeps you sober.

Repeating daily affirmations to stay sober validates the good in you and reinforces an optimistic perspective on life. Viewing things optimistically helps us find the enjoyment of life.

No matter how tough the days get, we are doing so much better than we thought possible. We are better people sober, can lead better lives for ourselves and our loved ones, and can hold hope in a better future.

Let’s stay passionate about our sobriety!

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