Street Drug Slang Resource Table

The number of street drugs and their associated nicknames one could look up is massive. We’ve narrowed down the list to most relevant point for the average parent, teacher, older sibling, grandparent, aunt, etc. This information could mean the difference between helping someone get into treatment and watching them hurt themselves to the point of jail or death.

Commonly Abused Drugs What it Is What It’s Called
Adderall This stimulant drug is usually used to treat ADHD, but it’s commonly misused as a recreational drug and study aid. It appears in capsule or tablet form. Addys, Uppers, Speed, Black Beauties, Zing, Dexies, Study Buddies, Smart Pills
Cocaine A popular party drug, this white, flaky powder is usually consumed by snorting. In some cases, the drug is taken by injection. Coke, Blow, Nose Candy, 8 Ball, Powder, White Girl, Flake, Snow
Crack Cocaine A free-base version of cocaine used to achieve a powerful but short-lasting sense of euphoria. The drug appears in small, brittle, off-white chunks and is often laced with other chemicals. Rocks, Base, Casper, Roca, Grit, Dice, Nuggets, Ball, Kibbles
Dextromethorphan (DXM) A strong sedative found in cough medications. Often it is combined with other liquids, including alcohol, and imbibed. Dex, Skittles, Robo, Robo-tripping, Tussing, Syrup, Orange Crush, Poor Man’s X, Vitamin D
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) This dangerously potent psychedelic causes temporary but powerful hallucinations, including near-death experiences and entering dream-like states. Deemster, Businessman’s LSD, Fantasia, Dimitri
Fentanyl One of the main culprits of the nationwide opioid crisis, this powerful painkiller has a very high rate of overdose and is found in powder, liquid and pill form. Jackpot, Apache, Dance Fever, China White, TND, Murder 8, Goodfella
Heroin This drug is widely abused for its euphoric and painkilling affects. Typically, heroin appears as a gray, brown or black powder. It can be taken via injection, smoking or sometimes snorting. Dope, Black Tar, Brown Sugar, Junk, H, Dirt, Smack, Black Pearl, Mud, Horse
Inhalants A variety of cleaning products give off strong fumes, and some people, usually adolescents, purposely inhale these fumes for a short-lived high. Whippets, Huff, Laughing Gas, Nitrous, Poppers, Snappers
Ketamine Originally used as an animal tranquilizer, this dissociative, anesthetic can make users detached from reality. Special K, Vitamin K, Cat, Jet, Kava Kava
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) LSD is ingested orally, either via paper tablet or liquid dropper. The drug produces powerful hallucinogenic effects. Tab, Hibbie, Acid, Microdots, Blotter, Lucy, Superman
Marijuana A green, leafy plant consumed via smoking that leads to a calming or euphoric sensation. Can also be consumed as vapor or in food. Is not known for causing a physical dependence or overdose. Weed, Bud, Ganja, Pot, Smoke, Reggie, Dank, Cannabis, Green, Chronic, Herb
MDMA Distributed both as pressed pills and in gel caps, this psychoactive stimulant is a very common party drug. It produces euphoria and pleasant physical sensations. Ecstasy, X, XTC, Thizz, Love Drug, Candy, E, Molly (as a gel cap)
Methamphetamine A potent stimulant smoked to help reduce appetite, provide an energy boost, get through the day or to party. It usually appears as a crystalline, powder or in pill form. Meth, Glass, Ice, Crystal, Crank, Fat Sack, Fire
Phencyclidine (PCP) A dissociative anesthetic like ketamine, PCP is ingested for its powerful hallucinogenic properties as well as for euphoric side effects. Angel Dust, Lethal Weapon, Wack, Rocket Fuel, Peter Pan
Psilocybin Dried mushrooms containing the chemical psilocybin produce powerful hallucinations, euphoria and anxiety when consumed. Magic Mushrooms, Caps, Silly Putty, Simple Simon, Boomers, God’s Flesh
Salvia Divinorum Another leafy plant that produces strong but short-lived hallucinations when smoked. The experience is uniquely visual, similar to marijuana. Researchers have yet to tie it to addiction or dependence. Magic Mint, Diviner’s Mint, Sage of the Seers, Shepherdess’s Herb, Salvia
Synthetic Marijuana A potpourri of psychoactive chemicals sprayed onto plant material. When smoked, the drug is meant to mimic the experience of marijuana. Spice, Bombay Blue, Genie, Black Mamba, Bliss, Joker, K2