Depression Quiz Results: Possible Depression

Possible Depression

Based on your responses in the assessment, you are showing some of the signs of clinical depression, but you may not be suffering from a full-blown depressive disorder.

We encourage you to read more about depression to learn more about mental health disorders, and you’re welcome to chat with us anytime about the feelings you’ve been having or if you’d like help with searching for therapy for your symptoms.

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Addiction News

Keeping up with all of the new information coming out about addiction, drug use, mental health issues, health care and drug treatment can be a challenge. We've made things easy by doing all of the research for you, and posting the results to our informative blog.

From the top treatment methods (such as cognitive behavioral therapy) to relapse prevention tips to the latest drug use and overdose trends, our blog takes a deep dive into all issues related to substance abuse and mental health.
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