Brief History of Heroin (Sign of Heroin Use)

The poppy plant, from which opioids derive, has been around for centuries, primarily growing in central and southwest Asia and, more recently, in Latin America. Throughout time, people have been finding ways to synthesize it into drugs, thus the signs of heroin use are clear and obvious.

During the 19th century, dark Victorian parlors in the U.S. housed smoke-filled rooms of opium users. And in the Wild West, opium derivatives were used for medical pain.

Signs of Heroin Use

Today, opioid and heroin abuse has become a nationwide epidemic. Heroin users often started their addiction with a prescription for painkillers before moving on to the stronger, illegal narcotic. Heroin has grown from a segmented, urban drug to volatile product that is pervasive in communities around the country. Not only does it contribute to the devastating effects of death and abuse in the country, but there are incredible socio-economic factors linked to its use and sale. The drug war has raged for decades over it’s prevention and sale with limited impact. It is assumed that heroin use has contributed to nearly 1/3rd of the overdose related deaths in the United States in the last 50 years, only recently being replaced by prescription medications due to the use of fentanyl. If you or a loved has fallen prey to heroin, there are some desperately important figures and information you need in the information below.

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